The Alphabet Sonnets by Andrew Wright Milam, 2020

The Alphabet Sonnets immediately breaks the structure of its titular form, while simultaneously reconstructing the language of the poems through alliterative phrasing. As the sonnets progress, the language becomes more and more objectified, until it literally vanishes into the structures of the poem and then further still to the symbolism of that structure. The sonnets are accompanied by a Glossary that, rather than clarify, expands text outside of a book structure into multitudes of communications.

This book is hand-stitched with a dos-à-dos binding. The text pages are laser printed on 24 lb recycled paper. The cover is printed by a robot arm using an archival silver pen on a navy blue laid cover stock. This book is made in Milwaukee in an edition of 50.

Andrew Wright Milam is a husband, father, and poet. A never-sleeping, coffee drinking, road-tripper. An always-learning, Jesus-loving, servant-leader. He lives and writes in Milwaukee with his wife Marcia, daughters Emma, and Celia, and more typewriters, pocket notebooks, and pencils than any sane person should have. He does things and is involved in stuff . . . find out what: @awmilam.

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