Adjunct Press is an independent chapbook press in Milwaukee.

Adjunct Press packages poetry (and sometimes more) into handmade books, using mostly appropriated materials.

Adjunct Press has no job security and works at irregular intervals.

Adjunct Press is underfunded* and its labor is considered expendable. 

Adjunct Press can’t afford it, but fantasizes about making the next table over at AWP uncomfortable.

Adjunct Press won’t further its career through publication; in fact, Adjunct Press hides Adjunct Press from coworkers to avoid awkward conversations.

Adjunct Press is interested in publishing voices outside of the academic oligarchy.

Adjunct Press is run by a fat cat, literally, the Department Chair Berserker Leo X.

Adjunct Press books are hand-made by part-time workers Alice Ladrick and Jonny Lohr.

[above—Adjunct Press Staff (from left to right): Jonny Lohr, Berserker Leo X, Alice Ladrick, Smudge Ladrick (silent partner, not pictured)]

*Proceeds from book sales will be used in the making of more books. We’re hoping to expand the possibilities of our bookmaking and are committed to working with our authors to create book objects we’re all proud of and that add something to the work being published.


Alice Ladrick graduated from Miami University with a combined BA/MA thing in Englsh and Creative Writing around 2012. She has an MFA from Notre Dame where she also studied Old English translation, bookmaking, and letterpress printing.

Jonny “Jonathan” Lohr graduated from UW-Milwaukee sometime in the 00’s. He has an MA from Miami University and an MFA from Temple University, where he made a few books as Scharmel Iris Vanity Press.

Both have office jobs unrelated to their graduate degrees.