whole foods booksAdjunct Press is working on a year-long chapbook Series on Retail Labor!

Retail and service industries are increasingly becoming the only available work option for the millennials. These jobs often pay less and do not offer full time hours or benefits. Most attempts to improve working conditions are met with scorn, threats of automation, and complete work-loss.

At the same time, many stores are trying to attract wealthier customers, spending money to rejuvenate the stores and offering more services, while not improving the working conditions for their employees. It becomes a point of direct meeting for the working class and the wealthy, and for all customers to take on the persona of the wealthy because of the demand for customer assistance.

Throughout 2018 Adjunct Press will be releasing a series of chapbooks about retail labor and the alienation of the retail worker. We will be releasing six books throughout 2018. Our Winter/Spring releases will be Ginger Lukas in January/February, Niela Orr in March, and Xu Lizhi (translated by Friends of Nao) in May.

Our first release is out now! Get your copy of Let Them Eat Cake by Ginger Lukas here.