Flammable Water by Mike Hauser, 2020

Flammable Water builds a sensory-overload collection of language that spans centuries and intentions of capitalist bombast. Sections large walls of text that evoke the washing-over language of political/
corporate-speak through jargon, unexplained acronym, and an upsetting level of positivity/
opportunity. Line-broken sections create a relief of formal structure, if not by content. The texts evoke the constant stimulation ingested daily, bringing to the reader a maximalist collection of both what is personal and is pretending to be personal to move an agenda. The reader is brought to the point of constant skeptic reception, the universal and tragic necessity of daily life.

This book is hand-bound with a side-pamphlet stab binding using blue-grey waxed Irish linen thread. The text pages are laser printed on 24 lb recycled paper. The cover is laser printed on an 80 lb cover stock. This book was made in Milwaukee in an edition of 50.

Mike Hauser’s books include Advanced Baby Syndrome (Sodear Press/Ugly Duckling Presse, 2018) and Red And White Balloons (Adjunct Press, 2015). He has lived in Milwaukee since 2002 and curated reading series such as Too Close For Comfort, Salacious Banter, and Ineluctable Place. His work has appeared in West Wind ReviewBright Pink Mosquito, and The Brooklyn Rail.