Deep Acting: Poems 2019 by Caleb Beckwith, 2020

Deep Acting travels from the very-online to the tangible. In the poems there is the siren-call of online community—“finding myself of social podcasts” “in this golden age of leftist periodicals”—set against an IRL loneliness of daily survival in a dystopian hellhole. A siren because the sense of community devolves into a tournament of “holding court at the take machine. The poems reach for actual connection and love in the online and personal, two settings that often wobble together.

This book is handbound with a pamphlet stitch using grey waxed Irish linen thread. The text pages are laser printed on 24 lb recycled paper. The cover is printed by a robot arm using a black Sharpie Ultra Fine marker on an 80 lb a white cotton linen cover stock. This book was made in Milwaukee in an edition of 50.

Caleb Beckwith is the author of Political Subject (Roof 2018) and the chapbook Emotional Hardcore (Lavendula Editions 2019). He lives in Oakland.