PINKpoems by Jayme Russell, 2017

PINKpoems by Jayme RussellPINKpoems creates a subject that is simultaneously objectified and personified. A meditation on a burning Barbie figure; the body is dolled and further reduced to pieces and chemical reactions. The doll is recreated to humanity as the distorted body image the Barbie inspires. This cycle repeats, building to a final ecstatic refrain.

Hand-sewn, using hand-dyed thread to create a heart patterned stab binding. The cover is glittery pink stock spray-painted neon green using a Barbie doll as a stencil. The stock was chosen specifically for its glitter-shed-ability so please use caution with neighboring books. Printed in a numbered, limited edition of 50 copies.

Jayme Russell is the author of the the chapbook PINKification (Dancing Girl Press, 2017). Her writing can be found in Black Warrior Review, Diagram, and elsewhere. She received her M.A. in Poetry from Ohio University and her MFA in Poetry from The University of Notre Dame.

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