Invisible Cities by Paul Vogel, 2015

The poems in Invisible Cities mix iconography of local commerce and artifacts with the sordid universality of online interactions to create an assumed familiarity and community with the reader. Hand-sewn Japanese stab binding with pink, green, or blue twine (chosen at random). Printed on appropriated corporate letterhead with a metallic-pearled white cover. Limited edition of 50 copies. … Continue reading Invisible Cities by Paul Vogel, 2015

Spheres + Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror Projected on My Wall by Jonny Lohr, 2016

SPHERES is essays on music produced as a zine, complete with stolen paper and borrowed copier. The covers are calligraphed gold text over Kinkos. Self-portrait takes inspiration from Ashbery, and also Clark Coolidge’s The Crystal Text and Craig Dworkin’s reboot of The Crystal Text, the poems show a writer placing themselves inside the larger implications … Continue reading Spheres + Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror Projected on My Wall by Jonny Lohr, 2016

don't read this if you already want to die by Alice Ladrick

don’t read this if you already want to die by Alice Ladrick, 2016

don’t read this… is sustained meditation within fluorescent-glowing bleakness. Notes jotted down between eavesdropping on one sided phone calls and whispering back their traumas. Alice Ladrick’s poems notate a long and grey winter spent working as a transcriptionist, a winter of accidental deaths, ignored bomb threats, and further corporate dehumanization. The winter is met with wit, … Continue reading don’t read this if you already want to die by Alice Ladrick, 2016

PINKpoems by Jayme Russell

PINKpoems by Jayme Russell, 2017

PINKpoems creates a subject that is simultaneously objectified and personified. A meditation on a burning Barbie figure; the body is dolled and further reduced to pieces and chemical reactions. The doll is recreated to humanity as the distorted body image the Barbie inspires. This cycle repeats, building to a final ecstatic refrain. Hand-sewn, using hand-dyed thread … Continue reading PINKpoems by Jayme Russell, 2017

Stack of Mall is Lost books

Retail Labor Series

Mall is Lost Holly Raymond, 2018 Mall Is Lost is the epic poem on our lives housed within the structures of retail economy. The reader is removed from time with constant anachronisms of language, imagery, and characters; creating a flattened chronology of capitalism from the late-Medieval town structures to the decaying spectacle of centralized consumerism. This book is … Continue reading Retail Labor Series

Squibs by Jim Chapson, 2019

True to its name, Squibs is a collection of Jim Chapson’s short, satirical work that strikes and illuminates. Chapson’s poems lampoon the demented greed of the royal family and scoffs at the vanity of the wealthy scholar, with appearances from important poets throughout the centuries. He also exposes the humanity lost to these arrogances; the grand violent … Continue reading Squibs by Jim Chapson, 2019

Infinity Heart by Stacy Blint, 2019

Infinity Heart seems to come on as an introduction or setting, creating a sense of normalcy to the poems though they speak through a dreamy surrealism. Filmic language, both photography and movies, is present throughout and poems shift between narrating outward to an observer and playfully layering upon its internal language snapshots, asking the reader to … Continue reading Infinity Heart by Stacy Blint, 2019

Same Here by Zack Pieper, 2019

Same Here is a collection of Zack Pieper’s short poems written over the course of national economic collapse, among other things, which operate as snapshots of Midwestern working class resignation. Poverty and student loans are there, along with Catholicism, because that’s daily life, not because it matters. Like Lunch Poems cut to a smoke break, … Continue reading Same Here by Zack Pieper, 2019

The Alphabet Sonnets by Andrew Wright Milam, 2020

The Alphabet Sonnets immediately breaks the structure of its titular form, while simultaneously reconstructing the language of the poems through alliterative phrasing. As the sonnets progress, the language becomes more and more objectified, until it literally vanishes into the structures of the poem and then further still to the symbolism of that structure. The sonnets are … Continue reading The Alphabet Sonnets by Andrew Wright Milam, 2020

Flammable Water by Mike Hauser, 2020

Flammable Water builds a sensory-overload collection of language that spans centuries and intentions of capitalist bombast. Sections large walls of text that evoke the washing-over language of political/corporate-speak through jargon, unexplained acronym, and an upsetting level of positivity/opportunity. Line-broken sections create a relief of formal structure, if not by content. The texts evoke the constant stimulation … Continue reading Flammable Water by Mike Hauser, 2020